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Working With The Environment Not Against It

Daniel Collins travelled all over Bougainville in August 2019, including right into the heartland of the Island. Left: the central ranges near Panguna looking north towards Bagana volcano.

There are still vast areas of virgin rainforest in Bougainville.

Bougainvilleans vote for Independence later this year.

Coraculture will continue with its conservation and agroforestry projects in Bougainville regardless of the result of the referendum.

Daniel Collins ventured into the heartland of the Tolai peoples traditional land in East New Brittain, in August 2019. Left: the interior of East New Brittain, with virgin jungle.

Daniel stayed with the Tolai people in the villages and will set up a project to bring high value timber crops to their traditional gardens. The Tolai people are incredible gardeners and know how to use the rich volcanic soil of the region.

By bringing high value crops to their gardens the Tolais will be able to keep their garden culture and still make substantial incomes from their lands.