Coraculture Environmental

Working With The Environment Not Against It


Outback Australia Farm Assistance

Coraculture is consulting with farmers throughout Australia to help them design, monitor and manage their farms to ensure more sustainable and resilient land use.

Bougainville Conservation and Agroforestry Projects

Coraculture is developing plans for implementing community agroforestry areas in Bougainville Island. Also in the development stage are key conservation areas.

North Queensland Community Agroforestry Plan

Coraculture is currently working to produce a Community Agroforestry Plan for North Queensland, Australia. The Community Agroforestry Plan is aimed at helping to restore the timber industry and restructure it with a focus on agroforestry systems. This approach will include some mixed crops compatible with timber being grown in community accessible forestry areas. Some landowners are already wanting their lands managed this way.

Papua and New Guinea Conservation and Land Management Projects

Coraculture is negotiating with landowners, government and non government groups to improve land management in West Papua and Papua New Guinea, in both intact natural areas and damaged areas. A wildlife rehabilitation centre is being set up in the species rich Erave-Kikori rainforest, as well eco-tourism support, rehabilitating disturbed areas, community development and agroforestry systems.

Indonesian Islands Revegetation and Agroforestry Projects

Several projects are underway in Indonesia, linking remnant forest patches and setting up agroforestry systems for local people. In particular in the central Maluku Islands there is a new project in the development stage. It is expected that these types of projects will eventually spread throughout the Maluku Islands and greater Indonesia. Landowners will be involved in the establishment of community nurseries from which areas will be reforested.