Coraculture Environmental

Working With The Environment Not Against It


Land Management, Design, Monitoring and Maintenance

Coraculture brings together all aspects of land management to ensure the best possible outcome for agriculture, the environment, native species, and sustainability. Farms can be designed to become healthy conservation areas if managed properly, with the correct blend of know-how, science, and traditional methods. Coraculture can design your land to maximise all of these aspects. Farms in a wide range of environments can be re-designed, to allow for agroforestry, integrated livestock and forestry, eco-forestry in existing forested areas, and rangeland and arid species management.

Biodiversity Surveys and Ecosystem Assessment

Coraculture can undertake a range of vegetation and wildlife surveys, using all the latest techniques. Furthermore, a Community Analysis can be undertaken to show the most important species and interactions taking place. Coraculture can provide recommendations for managing these ecosystems, including fire regimes, wildlife management and weeds and feral animal management. Coraculture can also undertake environmental impact assessment and bio-condition assessments, including soil and water analyses, and provide recommendations for management.

Conservation, Eco-forestry and Sustainable Wildlife Harvesting

While Coraculture maintains that core untouched habitats deserve protection, Coraculture has a firm foundation in the sustainable use of biological resources. Coraculture supports the sustainable harvesting of Crocodiles in Northern Australia, and the harvest of a variety of forest products in forests around the world. Daniel Collins has a long background in forest conservation and sustainable harvesting of wild plants and animals. Coraculture can design many such plans for farms, indigenous lands, rangelands, forests, marine environments and conservation areas.